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FAQ : Enrollment

How can I become a part of ABC?
Child care facilities must be legally operating to apply to ABC and must meet ABC requirements to become ABC enrolled. Requirements include regulatory, staff education and training, health and safety, nutrition and food service, staff-parent interaction and observation of the program. If interested in ABC enrollment, call 1-800-763-ABCD.
Do I have to complete a written application to apply for enrollment in ABC?
A written application is required at Level A and Level B. If interested in enrollment, call 1-800-763-ABCD.
Do I have to complete a copy of the ABC standards to enroll in ABC?
The standards and all enrollment documents are completed by the ABC staff. If interested in enrollment, call 1-800-763-ABCD.
Do I have to be licensed to enroll in ABC?
A license/approval is required at Level A. At other levels, the facility must meet regulatory requirements (licensed/approved or meet legal exemption requirements). DSS licensed/approved facilities must maintain their license/approval with a history of compliance to regulations. Family child care homes may be registered.
My facility is run by a church. Do I have to be licensed to enroll in the ABC Child Care Voucher System?
South Carolina Licensing Law requires churches to be licensed to receive state or federal funds.
Do I have to remove religion from my curriculum to enroll in ABC?
Does my facility staff have to meet the education requirements before enrollment?
Staff must have the required credential or sign a plan to obtain the credential if stipulated in the standards.
What are the staff-child ratios required for enrollment?
Facilities must meet staff-child ratio and group size requirements. Staff-child ratios vary at each level. Requirements are based on the level to be enrolled.
How do I know which ABC Level to apply for enrollment?
Review the Provider Enrollment Requirements on this website and conduct a self-assessment of your facility to see if your facility can meet them. Then, contact the ABC Program Monitor assigned to your county for consultation.
Does someone have to come and review my program before I can enroll?
An ABC Monitor will visit the facility to observe the facility and the child care activities provided.
If I enroll in ABC, do I have to change my current operation policies?
ABC does not require a provider to change their operation policies. ABC purchases a slot from a provider for a client and has procedures for payment and service documentation.
Can I enroll different classrooms/age groups at different levels?
A provider cannot enroll at different levels for different classrooms/age groups.
Can I enroll more than one facility?
Each facility is enrolled based on the services provided at the facility. Each will have to be assessed and meet the requirements for enrollment.
How will I be notified if I meet requirements for enrollment?
You will receive official notification in writing from the ABC Program. However, during the exit conference, the ABC Monitor will discuss the results of the assessment.